Hi everyone! I know I've been MIA for a solid month or two but now I'm back and here to update YOUUU with some awesome new changes my life is about to experience. So here it goes... I'm MOVING!! For the first time in ever. Like out on my own. It's so exhilarating to think about! I'm pretty stinkin excited about it though. I've always wanted to move to the Pacific Northwest, it's something I've been dreaming about doing since I was in high school. And yes...I will be driving the entire way. All 1100 long gorgeous miles.

The inspiration to move to Washington actually came from photography (big surprise there), when I first took a trip to Yosemite in 2003. Now granted Yosemite is nowhere near the PNW, BUT I still got a taste of being in actual seasons, in the mountains, surrounded by trees and rivers and nature and green. The idea of actually living in a place like that grew more so in high school, and eventually developed into this idea that Oregon or Washington would be my new favorite place to live. Now that I'm older and have greater appreciation for nature and have an idea of where my life is heading (and now that I'm graduated from college and can actually DO something about it), my heart has been set on moving up there for the last 3 years. I just had to finish school (check), save up some money (check), find a roommate (awesome check, she's so cool), and get on outtta here (check will commence on September 27th)!!

It's all happening so fast. I feel like these next three weeks will FLY by, I'll be moved in, and then sitting in my new room thinking "okay...WHAT'S NEXT!" :] It's a really amazing feeling, having my first move be 2 states away all by myself. But I love it and can't wait to see what God has in store for me and my business and my career. I'll be living right on the waterfront, on the border of WA and OR on the Washington side. I seriously can't wait. I do think I may have to invest in a fixed gear bike though for reals. I want to fit in juuust slightly.

Here are some things I'm so super looking forward to when I move:
1. Experiencing actual seasons. Living and growing up in San Diego CA my entire life has really spoiled me for experiencing summer the ENTIRE year with the luxury of having several beaches to chose from all within 15-30 mins driving distance with water you can actually go in without freezing to death. I think it's time for a reality slap, moving to a place where people dont "go to the beach" and also don't believe in umbrellas (even though it rains a ton). It's funny to think about.

2. Moving out on my own for the first time. Granted, this is a given that any post college person who's never moved out before would drool over for obvious reasons. I'm a very homey person, I love to decorate and nest and create a living space that will meet all of my needs aesthetically, emotionally, and physically. I'm SO excited to finally be able to do this in my OWN place!

3. Powel's City of Books. This is by far the most amazing incredible bookstore I have ever been to in my life in the history of ever. I could live there seriously. It has actual gigantic rooms divided by type of book. It even has its own APP. Like really? SO awesome. I love books. I love reading. I love everything about books and reading.

4. Real rain.  Now I know this correlates to number 1, but let's be real. Real rain in San Diego = tiny sprinkles that last an hour or two on a "these-clouds-will-be-gone-in-three-hours" cloudy day. Real rain in Washington = pouring for hours sometimes for days and thunderstorms and lightning and "those-are-some-DAMN-rainclouds" type of cloudy day. Which, let's be real again, happens more up there than I'd like to totally mentally accept right now. Don't get me wrong, I'm super excited to be in a place that's green and lush and mountainy and rainy, but I AM going to miss my San Diego sunshine summery days and wearing shorts all the time! BUT it's time for a change; I've always been drawn to nature and the mountains and greenery, nottt so much dry desert and dirt mounds for mountains like that in San Diego. No offense SD. But whenever I've come back from camping in Yosemite and Mammoth these last 3 years, I would get more and more depressed the closer down to socal I got. It just gets browner and browner.

5. Food Trucks! I know this is such a touristy thing for Portland, but let's be real ONCE AGAIN. They have the best freaking food trucks I've ever heard of. Even Sunset Magazine says so. I'm such a foodie, I'm totally excited to try every single food truck down Fifth st. 

6. Hipster everything. Portland is definitely known for its artsy hipster atmosphere, and I am SO ready to get down and dirty in the art scene there. I'm really excited to dress for fall 6 months out of the year, buy a bike (Portland is also known for their amazing bike trails), make new hippy friends, and discover local hip spots to hangout at. I revel in that kind of stuff, being outside and doing things and being spontaneous and adventurous and trying new things and places. Yay!

Well there ya have it. In exactly 3 weeks from today I'll have Red Rocket packed with my entire life (so, basically all my clothes and shoes) and ready to embark on this crazy new 1100 mile adventure to experiencing, thriving, surviving, and living up this new awesome chapter of my life. SO excited and blessed to have so much support and love from my amazing friends and family. I couldn't be happier making this change, and hopefully new doors and windows will open and God will stir things up a bit, challenge me, and bless me with the things I will learn and experience throughout this journey. I will miss EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has impacted my life, my best friends, my coworkers, my family, my friends who basically fit in as my family, everyone. But especially Paisley. And for those of you who are like who the heck is Paisley, she's my cat and the most awesome cute little thing ever in the world ever. But don't worry, I'll definitely visit plenty of times ;] I still have weddings to do here, family to see, and friends to hangout with. I'll always be a California girl, with a Washington heart. Much love, and until next time...SEE YA.

1/5/2013 02:12:47 am

Portland has some of the best Food Trucks! You had just a taste of them last Sunday. There are so many I have yet to try.


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