Today I was having a pretty crummy day. Things just weren't going great plus I had a very long shift at my day job. When I finally got on my lunch break I saw an email notification from The Knot Wedding Magazine...something I was very much anticipating getting! If you aren't familiar with this amazing mag, take a look at their website and see for yourself how awesome they are with weddings, bridal party ideas, vendors, locations, basically anything you can think of to have yourself a pretty rockin' wedding.  

Earlier this month I emailed them with a request to be one of the photographers they sponsor for weddings and suggest to their brides. This magazine recieves hundreds of requests per day to be involved with their affiliate program for vendors and photographers! It's really competitive and so I thought eh, I don't think I'll get picked but who cares I'll try anyways. I'm usually pretty optimistic haha. And a month later...I WAS ACCEPTED!!!! I might've shrieked in the break room, I don't remember. But I'm very super excited to be honored to be an affiliate with such a respected wedding magazine! I'm so thrilled :] It totally turned my crummy day into an amazing wonderful one, and I couldn't be happier. Such an answer to prayer!
Daddy Thom
7/6/2012 01:55:49 pm

So. My daughter recognized for her talent eh??? Yah! Yes dear... you are a treasure and do not aim low for you shall hit that. Aim high and if you miss once in awhile then shoot again! I love you dear... Dad.

7/6/2012 01:58:48 pm

Thanks dad Love you :]

10/17/2013 03:01:50 pm

I visited your photographs section .which nice with short description and detail.tanks .


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