This last weekend was so amazing. Actually, the last 2 weeks have been pretty awesome. My dad surprised me by coming to visit in Portland for the weekend! I had not seen him since mid September, before I left to move up here to Washington (he surprised me then too, by showing up to my going away party. Before that, I had not seen him since my college graduation in May). That weekend, we went to Mount Hood and Timberline lodge for the day and explored around in the snow. The following weekend, Justen and I drove up to Seattle to hangout with my dad for the night again, after a much needed day adventure wandering all around Pike Place, Olympia, downtown Seattle and along the waterfront, as well as walking from the waterfront to the Space Needle. Tomorrow, I am going home for the weekend for my younger brother's 18th birthday (my dad will also be there, which is awesome. This is the most I've seen him in one year since 2008), as well as to surprise my best ever friend in the whole world! She doesn't think I am coming home until summer ;) I can't wait to soak in some of that California sunshine.

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