Kind of crazy how time flies by, especially over the course of a year! I feel like April was just yesterday. This month has really been a crazy one for me! With getting adjusted to living in a different state, making new friends, figuring out the best route to work, getting lost several times, exploring my new cities (I live in Vancouver WA, but work in Portland OR), and finding the time to get my apartment situated...I haven't had time to breathe let alone do the things I love to do!

My sketchbook has been sitting next to my bed for a month now, my camera has been sitting in my camera bag, and my creative juices have been unvoluntarily put on hold unfortunately. In my move, I had to leave all my painting stuff at home since it wouldn't all fit in my car! So sad, I've definitely been going through withdrawls from being an artist. That being said, I've resorted to using my iPhone to document my little journey so far in living in Washington. Using a phone to create art with limitations has been an interesting venture off the route I'm used to taking, so here are a few images that came from this month of craziness and adjusting to my new home:
Now it's time to get ready for Christmas, lattes, cold weather and holiday decorating! I'm going to make it a point to really deck our little home out this year. Well, it will be the first year I actually get to decorate anything to Christmas since I'm living in my very own place! Yay!

Xox, Becca

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