So today I had another wedding! That makes two in the last month already! Seriously what job would be more fun than this (besides my dream of becoming a national geo photographer)? NOTHING would be. I honstly love what I do to pieces. I adore it. Today, I brought along my sweet little friend, Ale. She's just starting on the route to establishing herself as a photographer and I thought it would be fun to have her tag along and help me with photos today! On a normal wedding day, I usually am on my feet running around and shooting thousands of photos for 12 hours or more. But today was a smaller wedding, about 8 and a half hours of shooting, and just under 800 photos. It's not every day I photograph smaller weddings! It was a nice change :] Karla and Scott were the funniest couple I've photographed yet. He's VERY into her, and makes it clear how alive their chemistry is which is AWESOME for a photographer! During their engagement session, he couldn't keep his hands off her. If only every relationship was that way! Don't be afraid to show some love and affection, people! Their wedding was at a local clubhouse pool, another first for a location for me. I really enjoyed the intimate setting and atmosphere it gave me to photograph. Ale and I had so much fun shooting this wedding, I can't wait to start editing the photos! I think in total, Ale and I have 1800 photos to go through and process and edit, ahh! And people wonder why it takes so long to recieve your photos after the ceremony!! In the end though, there is never anything to complain about in being in this line of work. The emotions, locations, the love two people share, and everything else that goes with weddings is always such a joy for me to experience.  

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